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About us

Jaffar Consultancy is an agency specialized in the management and implementation of diversity and inclusiveness in labor organizations.  Together with these strategic goals comes the necessity of acquiring skills and competences needed to manage and collaborate within a diverse workforce. We consider these skills and competences  as absolutely essential for any modern professional organization. And let’s be clear: we are not talking of  goody-goody idealism but of obvious business cases. Managers and employees must deal with the differences between people in the workplace, between business partners and among customers. This is a strategic business interest. Because the organizations that are able to adapt to this new situation are the winners of today and tomorrow in the battle for talent and new markets. It is no coincidence that companies such as IBM and Microsoft see diversity as a necessary condition for any  team to become more innovative.


Jaffar Consultancy has been active in this field for over twenty tears. Jaffar Consultancy is able to give advice and provide practical training to employees. To help set your strategic agenda to the demands of a diverse world and customer base and to translate into practical terms what your company can do to improve your skills in terms of inclusiveness and diversity. Click here to see with whom we have worked. Click here to get acquainted with the people behind Jaffar Consultancy



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Radi Suudi of Jaffar Consultancy discusses "new cultural citizenship" and the multicultural society with former MP and cabinet member Jacques Wallage, mayor of the Dutch city of Groningen. This video was made in 2008 by InterArtLab.

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