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On this page you will find clips from video material that we have produced for some of our customers. All this material is copyright protected. The material is in Dutch -unfortunately without English subtitles-  and you will find short descriptions of each clip in English below the videoboxes.



Information Video 1

This is an acted fragment. We see an intake by a Dutch nurse at the home of a migrant couple. The woman is pregnant and her husband is refusing to discuss some medical options. The nurse must try to prevent an open conflict with the husband. This clip comes from an interactive DVD, produced by Jaffar Consultancy, to be used for training medical staff that have to communicate with non-Dutch groups and individuals. The DVD shows several possibilities and strategies to cope with, within a communicative context, such as an intake procedure.

Trainees can suggest a certain strategy for a conversation and watch the DVD to see how this particular strategy works out. Roles in this clip are played by actors Willy van der Griendt, Goran Stojanovic and Soula Notos. Copyright protected

Video 2

Information Video 2

This clip comes from a video that was produced by Jaffar Consultancy about honour-related killings and violence within marriages and relations. The script is based on actual conversations that Jaffar Consultancy researched. The dialogues in this clip are played by professional actors (Yasar Ustuner and Meghna Kumar ). This video is used to start discussions within groups of professionals or migrants and refugees who have personal experience with this kind of violence. This material is copyright protected

Video 3

Information Video 3

This clip comes from a DVD about intercultural management that was produced by Jaffar Consultancy. The dialogues have been written on the basis of actual conversations that have been reasearched by us. They are played in this clip by professional actors Soula Notos and  Goran Stojanovic. This particular scene illustrates different styles of hierarchy and communication. The female boss is both very informal and directive at the same time.  This confuses the male employee who nonetheless does not feel entitled to ask her any questions, due to his own culturally influenced views on hierarchy. This material is copyright proteced.

Video 4

Information Video 4

This clip is part of a longer documentary video about choices that children and their parents have to make at the end of primary school. Two girls with a migrant background talk about their future professions and the secondary schools that they would like to attend. This video is used in trainings that Jaffar Consultancy conducts for staff at primary schools. (For this video we hired director Hany Abu Assad, who a few years later would produce the Oscar-nominated movie "Paradise Now"!) This material is copyright protected.

Video 5

Information Video 5

Radi Suudi of Jaffar Consultancy interviews Turkish-Dutch lawyer Famile Arslan, former judge and MP Aleid Wolfsen and MP Harry van Bommel about controversial anti-terror legislation that was introduced by the Dutch government. This comes from a special television program, broadcast on the eve of Dutch elections in November 2006 and presented by Radi Suudi.

Video 6

Information Video 6

Radi Suudi of Jaffar Consultancy interviews Socialist party leader  MP Jan Marijnissen and Christian party leader and  MP Andre Rouvoet (who would join the Dutch government shortly thereafter as a cabinet minister) on religion, politics and the multicultural society. This clip comes from a series of programs, presented by Radi Suudi in the run-up to Dutch elections in November 2006. The program was broadcast on Dutch national television and has Turkish and Arabic subtitles.

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