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www.interculturelecommunicatie.com The website of Professor  W.A. Shadid (Tilburg University), a Dutch expert and pioneer in the field of intercultural communication.

Website of  the scientific magazine Intercultural communication

Forum, Institute for Multicultural Affairs is the national Dutch expert centre on all developments concerning diversity and multicultural society. FORUM is financed by the Dutch government and is one of its advisory bodies. Radi Suudi of Jaffar Consultancy was one of a group of four managers assigned in 1995 by the Dutch government to found FORUM. He worked there until 2000 as head of the Research and Public Affairs Department.

E-Quality is the Dutch expert centre on gender and ethnicity. Like FORUM it is financed by the Dutch government.


The SCP (The Netherlands Institute of Social Research) is the Dutch expert centre on all kinds of research concerning trends in Dutch society. The quality of their output is very high and the reports of the SCP are considered as authorative by Dutch politicians and social scientists.

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Radi Suudi of Jaffar Consultancy interviews Socialist party leader  MP Jan Marijnissen and Christian party leader and  MP Andre Rouvoet (who would join the Dutch government shortly thereafter as a cabinet minister) on religion, politics and the multicultural society. This clip comes from a series of programs, presented by Radi Suudi in the run-up to Dutch elections in November 2006. The program was broadcast on Dutch national television and has Turkish and Arabic subtitles.


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