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March and November 2017. Jaffar Consultancy will be giving workshops Intercultural Communication for the European Asylum Support Organisation EASO in Malta

Leila Jaffar of Jaffar Consultancy will be giving two workshops Intercultural Communication in March and November 2017 for staff of the European Asylum Support Organisation EASO and it's European cooperation partners at EASO's  headquarters in Valetta, Malta.

Leila was selected as an expert in the field of intercultural communication by EASO after a procurement procedure in 2015. This means that Leila has met the rigorous EASO qualifications to be hired by EASO in order to develop training materials and provide workshops and training for it's staff..

In the spring of 2015 Leila gave a two-day workshop for EASO in Malta, which was very well received by the attendees and prompted a second run of workshops in May and November of 2016 and a further round this year. Jaffar Consultancy was also involved in the development of EASO traning material and an e-learning module for EASO staf earlier this year.

Jaffar Consultancy has extensive experience in developing and giving trainings and workshops on various aspects of Intercultural Communication, conflict resolution and working with involuntary clients. Jaffar Comsultancy also has an in depth knowledge of Middle Eastern nationalities. This is highly relevant for EASO's work, in light of the current massive influx of refugees from the Middle East into Europe.

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Radi Suudi  of Jaffar Consultancy discusses "new cultural citizenship" and the multicultural society with former MP and mayor of the town of Eindhoven, Rob van Gijzel. The video was produced in 2008 by InterArtLab.

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